Country Landscape and MTaPS’ Support 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cameroon needed priority assistance to handle the influx of COVID-19 patients in health facilities and train health workers on infection prevention and control (IPC), including how to use personal protective equipment (PPE). Using the acquired experience in IPC and multisectoral coordination under its Global Health Security Agenda mandate to contain antimicrobial resistance, USAID MTaPS supported the Ministry of Health to take action on COVID-19 IPC program management, including improving IPC practices, health care workers’ capacity to recognize and isolate suspected COVID-19 patients, and their adherence to IPC precautions to keep themselves and patients safe. The program also helped strengthen collaboration among the many stakeholders by establishing a multisectoral IPC hub and coordinating the national- and facility-level efforts to monitor and improve IPC practices.

Select Highlights

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

  • Developed a COVID-19 IPC training package, guidelines, job aids, and standard operating procedures including for waste management
  • Reached thousands of health care workers through direct and cascaded trainings, building the country’s COVID-19 IPC capacity
  • Developed a pocket guide for risk communication and community engagement in the COVID-19 context to contain transmission and mitigate the pandemic impact
  • Supported the development of standard operating procedures for management of a sudden influx of cases and a training plan for a simulation in the regions hosting the African Cup of Nations football competition
  • Supported the monitoring of health facilities in 5 target regions through regular coaching and supportive supervision—out of 17 health facilities monitored and supported by MTaPS between June and November 2020, IPC compliance increased from 0% (none of the 17 health facilities) to 94% (16 of the 17 health facilities).

Indicators as of September 2023


Number of health facilities supported for IPC and/or WASH for COVID-19


Number of workers trained on COVID-19-related IPC and/or WASH