Program Goals and Objectives

USAID MTaPS' goal is to enable low- and middle-income countries to strengthen their pharmaceutical systems to ensure sustainable access to and appropriate use of essential medicines and related pharmaceutical services. The program's approach is anchored to five main objectives as shown.

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What's Happening at MTaPS


Nepal Draws on Uganda’s Good Storage and Distribution Practices for Medical Products

Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration (DDA) is introducing Good Storage and Distribution Pract...

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People that Deliver Global Indaba 2022

October 12-13 | Zambia Conference web page:   The COVID-19 pandemic highlighte...

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Medication Without Harm: Implementing Pharmacovigilance

By Alemayehu Duga, Andualem Oumer, and Kate Kikule, USAID MTaPS Across the world, people take medici...

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Assessing Health Technology Assessment Progress in Asian Countries Using a Balanced Scorecard

Health technology assessment (HTA) is increasingly gaining momentum across countries as an evidence-...

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