eLMIS for Health Commodities in the Philippines

August 28, 2019

An International Expo and Suppliers Conference

Venue: World Trade Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines (To be confirmed)

The Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines, with support from its technical partners, is strengthening the procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) system for health commodities. One of the key objectives of DOH for PSCM strengthening is to deploy a state-of-the-art electronic logistic management information system (eLMIS) throughout the country to manage procurement and supply information, commodity flow, warehousing, dispensing, consumption and stock reporting, and data aggregation.

The eLMIS is expected to be interoperable with other information systems, including health facility-level enterprise resource planning, electronic medical records, and track and trace bar codes. As part of a market analysis, DOH has requested its technical partner to organize a two-day international Expo and Suppliers Conference in Manila August 19–20, 2019. Interested solution service providers and eLMIS developers will be given a chance to showcase and present their products and capacity at the Expo. Participants will also have opportunities to learn the requirements for taking part in the DOH bidding and network with local and international suppliers and solution providers.

Countries: Philippines
Type: Updates