Integrating and Strengthening Health Supply Chain Toward Universal Health Coverage in the Philippines

July 10, 2023

Strong pharmaceutical procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) that can ensure access to health commodities are indispensable to successfully implementing universal health coverage (UHC). In the Philippines, providing the critical system component of PSCM is enshrined in UHC law.

Mayor of Roxas City, Hon. Ronnie T. Dadivas meeting Ms. Willa Pressman, USAID Philippines Office of Health Acting Director during the launch

On June 20, 2023, 173 participants, including the provincial governor, city mayor, and other local leaders, gathered for the electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS) grand launch event at El Circulo Convention Center in Roxas City, Capiz Province, The Philippines. The event was held under the theme “Integrating and Strengthening the Health Supply Chain Towards Achieving Universal Health Care for Filipinos,” marking a significant milestone in the country’s digitization of the supply chain. The effort reflects the local government’s commitment to the USAID MTaPS-supported eLMIS as an important step in improving access to quality health care in the country.


“[This event is] a dream come true…we welcome and support this innovation.”
– Honorable Ronnie Dadivas, Mayor of Roxas City

The mayor signed the “Wall of Commitment” to symbolize his commitment to eLMIS, which will enable more effective and efficient management of procurement, warehouse administration, inventory, electronic distribution, collection, organization, and data for better supply chain performance.

Hon. Fredenil “Oto” Hernaez Castro, Governor of Capiz Province (left) and Hon. Ronnie Dadivas, Mayor f Roxas City (right), signing commitment to support the rollout of eLMIS

eLMIS standardizes the logistics process for efficient and harmonious operations across different levels of the supply chain and will streamline all health public supply chain information in the country in a single platform to enhance supply chain visibility from the central level down to the health facility level and other distribution networks supported by DOH for decision-making to ensure the uninterrupted supply of life-saving commodities. Currently, the eLMIS is deployed to a total of 39 warehouses at the central, regional, and provincial levels serving the entire population of the Philippines. The goal is to deploy to UHC Integration sites and scale up to all service delivery points across the country.

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