Published : May 13, 2020

Pharmadex iconHigh-quality and affordable medicines are the foundation of a country’s ability to provide effective health care, and national medicines regulatory authorities (NMRAs) must effectively register and track pharmaceutical products to ensure that they are readily available and safe. However, weak medicine regulatory systems and other factors can put people at risk of using unsafe medicines and waste limited funds, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The USAID MTaPS Program is supporting NMRAs to implement electronic pharmaceutical management information systems using Pharmadex.

What is Pharmadex? 

Pharmadex is a web-based tool that helps NMRAs streamline and track medicines registration to ensure that they have the most updated medicines available and approved for prescribing and use. With Pharmadex, NMRAs can:

  • Record and organize information on suppliers and products
  • Track product applications in the registration process
  • Analyze and compare suppliers and products
  • Track critical information for decision making, such as cost, usage, and safety

Pharmadex is a Java-based application that can run on a desktop or an Android tablet/smart phone.


  • Comprehensive system management: An administrator can configure and manage the system
  • Transparent process: An applicant (distributor or manufacturer) can submit and track an application or amendment
  • Product lifecycle management: Enables coordinators and evaluators to assign and track evaluations; regulators to approve, renew, suspend, or cancel a product; and health care users to search for and verify approved products
  • International standards access: Provides access to international standards terminology databases and dictionaries
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Enables overview of aggregate data and management information
  • Adjustable modules and user privileges: Allows modules to be added or removed and user access to be restricted

For more information on Pharmadex, please contact [email protected].

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