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Dinah Tjipura

Portfolio Manager, East Africa

Ms. Dinah Tjipura is a Senior Manager for the MTaPS program and is responsible for managing projects in East Africa. Ms. Tjipura has more than 20 years of professional experience in pharmaceutical management in resource-constrained settings. She has significant experience in managing country-level implementation of USAID-funded projects through the SPS and SIAPS Projects. She has provided direct supervision and management and technical oversight to ensure effective program management in Africa and has extensive professional experience, combining both technical and managerial expertise to the benefit and support of country project directors and other field office-based staff. Prior to joining MSH, she had proven capacity to develop and manage pharmaceutical budgets of more than $50 million and to comply with government finance regulations and treasury instructions. She has a track record of successfully managing government procurement and introducing and achieving efficiencies in public-sector pharmaceutical procurement and selection of suppliers for both medicines and general health procurement. Ms. Tjipura played a key role in establishing the first School of Medicines and School of Pharmacy of the University of Namibia and has acquired technical programmatic expertise through years of experience in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and the development and implementation of a national medicines policy, standard treatment guidelines, and essential medicines lists.