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Nicole Barcikowski

Deputy Program Director

Ms. Barcikowski leads MTaPS program implementation at the country and regional levels, coordinating regional and country-based activities, and ensuring improved program performance. She is a public health professional with over twenty years’ experience as a thought leader, manager, and implementer of global, regional, and country-level health programs, working with diverse teams operating in complex environments to improve health systems and service delivery.  Previously, Ms. Barcikowski was Deputy Director of the USAID-funded Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project, where she was ultimately responsible for country program performance, compliance, and results. She provided technical guidance on the project’s overall strategic direction and oversaw the project’s quality assurance system. As Director of Programs for the Health Systems 20/20 project, also funded by USAID, Ms. Barcikowski provided leadership, management and technical support in design, implementation and evaluation. She received an M.S. in international affairs, and a B.S. in health and human sciences, from Ohio University.