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MTaPS' Support

In Côte d’Ivoire, MTaPS concentrates on supporting country efforts to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by strengthening systems and practices for infection prevention and control (IPC) and optimal use of antimicrobial medicines, including promoting and strengthening antimicrobial stewardship (AMS). MTaPS is providing technical assistance to the National AMR Secretariat of the One Health platform to strengthen its multisectoral coordination and implementation of the National Action Plan for AMR (NAP-AMR).

Watch a recording of Côte d'Ivoire's GHSA experience presented at a side event at the 6th GHSA Ministerial Meeting.

MTaPS focuses on the following technical areas:

Finalize and validate the NAP-AMR

To support the country in implementing priority activities and making progress in building its capacity for effective multisectoral coordination, MTaPS is helping the AMR Secretariat to finalize the NAP-AMR and its accompanying budget and monitoring and evaluation plan and to attain the endorsement of high-level stakeholders. Follow-on activities will include facilitating the update of the plan as needed.

Increase capacity for multisectoral coordination on AMR

MTaPS is working with the AMR Secretariat to establish and build the capacity of AMR, IPC, and AMS technical sub-working groups and organize quarterly coordination meetings. Activities include helping to develop terms of reference for these committees.

Develop an IPC national action plan

To inform the development of the national action plan on IPC, MTaPS is assisting the IPC technical working group to conduct rapid assessments at the central level and at selected animal and human health facilities. The plan will also include a strategy for implementing the existing IPC policy and guidelines for the human sector, and for supporting the Directorate of Veterinary Services to develop an IPC policy and guidelines for the animal sector.

Strengthen IPC committees

MTaPS is helping selected health facilities to assess and develop plans to build the capacity of their Hygiene and IPC (HIPC) committees in key practice areas. These include oversight, such as monitoring and ensuring availability of personal protection equipment, injection safety devices, and related commodities; promoting advocacy and behavior change strategies to improve HIPC practices; disseminating job aids and information, education, and communication materials; and promoting appropriate health care waste management.

Strengthen capacity of health care providers for IPC and AMS

As a first step toward building a pool of national IPC facilitators in the human and animal health sectors that can implement competency-based trainings for frontline health care workers, MTaPS is collaborating with the National Institute of Public Hygiene and the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Laboratories to assist the Secretariat in adapting and incorporating World Health Organization training packages for continuing education on IPC into training materials for AMS and IPC.

Improve rational use of antimicrobials

MTaPS is assisting Côte d’Ivoire’s national drug regulatory authority to develop tools for collecting and analyzing data on treatment protocols and rational use of antimicrobials. These data can inform recommendations for needed policy and/or regulation changes as well as the development of a national AMS plan. Additionally, MTaPS is working with the national regulatory authority to support the AMS technical working group in drafting policies and guidelines.

In collaboration with the AMR Secretariat, MTaPS is working to strengthen the capacities of members of Drug and Therapeutics Committees (DTCs) to implement policies and standards that promote AMS. MTaPS will support the development of training materials in collaboration with the Directorate of Training and Research and help DTCs develop monitoring tools and improvement plans for their health facilities.

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