Health technology assessment pathways in LMICs: Scaling up for sustainability of UHC in Asia

Published : November 3, 2021

USAID MTaPS hosted an event at the 2021 HTAsiaLink Conference, titled “Health Technology Assessment pathways in LMICs: Scaling up for sustainability of UHC in Asia” on October 11, 2021. The HTAsiaLink Conference is a forum working to advance Health Technology Assessment (HTA) science and implementation in the region through collaborative research. This event provided technical insight and discussed global best practices from the Roadmap for Systemic Priority Setting and Health Technology Assessment, specifically for countries in Asia. Stakeholders from participating countries learned from case studies on best practices, technical frameworks, policy options, and multiple institutional pathways toward systematic priority setting using HTA. Global and in-country experts shed light on pathways for scaling HTA available to LMICs and any policy implications. The workshop provided a forum for countries at all stages of HTA institutionalization to share lessons learned, challenges, and successes from their journey.

Resources Focus Area: Financing