Published : August 14, 2020

QuanTB IconEnsuring that patients have continuous access to tuberculosis (TB) treatment requires complex projections and calculations by program staff.  It is becoming more challenging to make these predictions because new diagnostic devices rapidly increase the number of individuals diagnosed, which impacts the quantity of medicines needed. In addition, when treatment regimens change because new medicines or guidelines are introduced, national programs must carefully plan how to phase medicines in and out to minimize stock-outs or expiries. Frequent quantification and vigilant stock management are vital to ensuring that appropriate types and quantities of medicines are available to meet the evolving needs of TB programs as they scale up treatment.

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What is QuanTB?

QuanTB is an electronic quantification and early warning system designed to improve procurement processes, ordering, and supply planning for TB treatment. Created by the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceutical and Services (SIAPS) Program, QuanTB is a downloadable desktop tool that transforms complicated calculations into user-friendly graphs displaying key information for managing medicines. When used on a regular basis (e.g., monthly, quarterly), QuanTB serves as an early warning system, providing information on actual versus planned consumption, potential expiries, and stock outs of medicines.

QuanTB V4.2 Features

  • Accurate quantification projections: Calculations are based on desired minimum and maximum stock levels and consumption of each medicine, including adjustment for attrition rates
  • Adaptable and customizable: Users can modify parameters, such as inventory date, lead time, and minimum and maximum months of stock, so that quantification reflects local procurement, distribution, and funding considerations
  • Early warning system: For each medicine, graphs show the progression of stock on hand over time in relation to the set minimum and maximum months of stock and alert staff of risk for medicine expiries, stock-outs, overstock, and when emergency orders are needed, which allows sufficient time to address supply problems
  • Build models for different scenarios: Compares planned versus actual consumption and costs
  • Full cost of order: Incorporates cost of medicine, shipping, and customs clearance, among other expenses
  • Flexible design of regimens for adults and children: Allows up to 10 phases based on a weekly or monthly schedule or a combination to fit new medications, such as bedaquiline and delamanid; also allows phase-in and phase-out of new and current regimens, such as the new, shorter multiple drug-resistant TB treatment regimens and pediatric formulations
  • Interoperability with other software: Allows users to import and export data on stock on hand, stock on order, cases on treatment, and expected cases


QuanTB is available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese

If you have questions or want to give feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

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