Using Novel Capacity-Building Approaches to Prepare Health Workers and Systems for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Response

Published : May 6, 2021

This presentation describes MTaPS’ experience implementing IPC interventions against COVID-19 in the midst of learning about the novel virus. During the session, the panelists described how MTaPS innovated and tailored capacity-building approaches to rapidly establish IPC committees and sustainably strengthen IPC practices in countries as part of USAID’s global response to the pandemic.

Conference: 2021 Global Health Science and Practice Technical Exchange (GHTechx)
Date: April 22, 2021.

A presentation by Abibata Handley, MTaPS Principal Technical Advisor for Capacity Building; Afeke Kambui, Technical Advisor, USAID MTaPS; Ruba Haddadin, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID MTaPS; Safoura Berthe, Country Director, USAID MTaPS; John Paul Waswa, Technical Advisor, USAID MTaPS; Suzanne Diarra, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID MTaPS.

Geography: Jordan, Mali, Uganda