Published : August 14, 2020

Quantimed iconHow it’s used

Quantimed is designed to improve the accuracy of order planning and budgeting by providing a systematic approach to organizing and analyzing data. Quantimed facilitates the calculation of commodity needs using either a single method or a combination of any of the three primary quantification methods: consumption, morbidity, and proxy consumption.

If you are interested in Quantimed and would like to download the latest version:

-Please click on this link to download the 32-bit version:

-Please click on this link to download the 64-bit version:

Please click here to download the user’s manual: https://www.mtapsprogram.org/our-resources/quantimed-users-guide/


  • Removes the often tedious and mistake-prone calculations associated with quantification
  • Has built-in, client-adaptable medicines and supplies list with median prices from the MSH International Drug Price Indicator Guide
  • Includes ATC, WHO Therapeutic, and ICD coding structures
  • Has printable standard data collection forms (Excel)
  • Provides the ability to import products, prices & consumption data
  • Accurate and consistent data entry is facilitated through “look-up” tables and lists
  • Has printable reports that can be used to validate data entry and to do more analysis
  • Single or combinations of forecasting methodologies can be used (Consumption, morbidity)
  • Enables duplication of data sets for easy creation of scenarios
  • Provides a comparison of results between different methods and scenarios
  • Has ability to export results to Microsoft Excel and XML


Requires computer upgrades, and training for optimal use.

Where it has been applied

East Africa
Latin America & the Caribbean
Southern Africa
West Africa

Language availability

English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese

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