Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening e-Learning Course

Published : April 27, 2021

Access to medical products and related pharmaceutical services is critical for good health outcomes and is at the heart of a strong health system. However, challenges persist in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) that hamper access to quality-assured medicines, which adversely affects treatment for common diseases. While working to enhance health system quality at all levels, strengthening the pharmaceutical system―including the regulatory system and pharmacy practices―aims to ensure sustainable access to and appropriate use of safe, effective, quality-assured essential medical products and pharmaceutical services.

MTaPS designed a competency-based Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening 101 (PSS 101) course for decision-makers and practitioners, such as public health program planners, managers, implementers, and other global health professionals interested in healthcare delivery functions relating to medicines, vaccines, and other medical products. This adult learning course is designed to accommodate the needs of audiences for both face-to-face training and distance learning and to build their capacity along the PSS continuum incrementally. Participants receive a certificate at the end of each module (read more about why to take this course).

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Resource Type: E-learning courses
Resources Focus Area: Pharma Systems Areas