Toolkit for Administration of Amoxicillin for Childhood Pneumonia

Published : November 11, 2020

The current World Health Organization (WHO) treatment guidelines for pediatric pneumonia recommend oral amoxicillin as the first-line treatment. There are several pediatric dosages and formulations of oral amoxicillin available, but WHO and UNICEF recommend amoxicillin dispersible tablets (DTs) as the formulation of choice for treatment of pediatric pneumonia.

The Toolkit for Administration of Amoxicillin for Childhood Pneumonia was developed to increase adherence to treatment with amoxicillin DT by caregivers of sick children as well as adherence of health care providers to proper treatment protocols. The toolkit consists of:

  • Dispensing envelopes for different age groups to visually orient caregivers in administration of the tablets, depicting each step for preparation and administration of amoxicillin DT. The envelope design emphasizes the importance of fully completing the treatment course.
  • Leaflets for use with amoxicillin suspension in contexts where that is used instead of amoxicillin DT
  • Job aids for health care providers to help them explain proper treatment, administration and adherence to amoxicillin, as well as other key messages to caregivers.

The intended users of the dispensing envelopes are caregivers, but health care workers can use them as well to guide their counseling at the point of dispensing. The job aids are to be used by community health workers and health workers in primary health care settings.

Table presenting the way to take Amoxicillin depending on age of the patientAll the tools are available in English, French, and Spanish.

Download by clicking on the desired links below. The toolkit factsheet explains the contents of the toolkit. 

Toolkit Factsheet (English, French, Spanish)
Dispensing envelopes - Amoxicillin dispersible tablets

2-12 months (English, French, Spanish)
1-3 years (English, French, Spanish)
3-5 years (English, French, Spanish)
1-5 years (English, French, Spanish)

Job aids – Amoxicillin dispersible tablets

Community level – 2 dose age bands (English, French, Spanish)
Facility level – 3 dose age bands (English, French, Spanish)
Combined- 2 and 3 dose age bands (English, French, Spanish)

Amoxicillin oral suspension

Job aid (English, French, Spanish)

Graphic design files

Note: If adaptations are required to these tools, please use these editable InDesign files.

Job aids (zip file in English, French, and Spanish)
Dispensing envelopes (zip file in English, French, and Spanish)
Amoxicillin oral suspension (zip file in English, French, and Spanish)

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