Improving Institutional and Human Resource Capacity to Manage Pharmaceutical Systems and Services

Published : May 22, 2020

Many government departments face critical and chronic shortages of managerial and technical experts for key pharmaceutical system functions in regional and local facilities. As a result, institutional capacity building among pharmaceutical system stakeholders is needed to improve human resource management and operations. USAID MTaPS will primarily focus on institutional capacity in its technical approach.

Following USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance framework and the agency’s health system and disease-specific strategies, MTaPS strengthens country
human resources and institutions to:

  • Develop sustainable, high-impact country capacity for transparent, accountable pharmaceutical systems-related law, policy, planning, leadership, and management
  • Improve countries’ capacity to collect, analyze, and use pharmaceutical systemsrelated information for decision making
  • Work with country stakeholders and human resource managers to overcome recruitment, deployment, and retention challenges that impact service delivery
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Resource Type: Factsheets
Resources Focus Area: Capacity Building | Governance