Increasing Government Financing and Resource Allocation for Family Planning Commodities and Supply Chain Operations in Uganda: A Political Economy Analysis

Published : December 14, 2022

MTaPS conducted a Political Economy Analysis in Uganda to examine the factors that influence domestic financing of FP products and associated supply chain costs that may shape decisions around increasing government financing within its decentralized health system. The PEA enables the MOH, USAID, and other stakeholders to be better informed about the factors that currently influence priority setting and financing and procurement allocations for FP commodities at different levels of the system as well as possible entry points and potential interventions. The PEA also provides an entry point for looking at factors that influence financing decisions on essential medicines and health products more broadly, as government-funded FP products are managed through the essential medicines and health products supply system.

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Resource Type: Technical Reports
Resources Focus Area: Family Planning | Financing
Geography: Uganda