Policy Brief: Pharmaceutical Expenditure Tracking in Burkina Faso (2018 Data)

Published : December 12, 2022

To enhance appropriate use of limited resources, policymakers need to know where resources for pharmaceuticals come from; how much is spent within a given period; what type of pharmaceuticals and medical products are purchased; and who benefits from the purchases. Pharmaceutical expenditure tracking highlights resource allocation and improves equity-related decision-making. Adopting a more robust top-down and bottom-up data collection approach for pharmaceutical and medical products other than use of surveys allows for an increased accuracy in pharmaceutical expenditure tracking.

An important concern for countries is how the total pharmaceutical expenditure is distributed geographically across districts. The current approach affords a comprehensive analysis of the geographical spread of expenditures and showed major geographic inequities in pharmaceutical spending, with poorer regions spending less per capita than more affluent areas

The recent MTaPS work on pharmaceutical expenditure tracking in Burkina Faso provides preliminary data to support additional examination of causes of high pharmaceutical expenditure for particular therapeutic classes or disease categories in Burkina Faso.

Resource Type: Technical Reports
Resources Focus Area: Financing
Geography: Burkina Faso