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MTaPS' Support

MTaPS’ Global Health Security Agenda-related goal in Burkina Faso is to support the containment of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by slowing the emergence of resistant bacteria and preventing the spread of resistant infections. In alignment with Burkina Faso’s national action plan on AMR, MTaPS will work to build the capacity of in-country stakeholders through a systems strengthening approach to improve the rational use of antimicrobials and strengthen the regulatory framework for AMR containment. MTaPS will provide technical support to consolidate multisectoral coordination for AMR and focus on antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), including direct technical assistance to the National AMR Secretariat and other ministries. MTaPS’ work will assist the country in progressing to the next level of capacity in the WHO Joint External Evaluation.

MTaPS focuses on the following technical areas:

Strengthening Governance for Multisectoral Coordination

MTaPS will work to create and strengthen the organizational and governance structures of the national AMR Technical Thematic Committee (AMR-TTC). Toward this end, MTaPS will work to develop operational terms of reference, facilitate the representation of civil society and other sectors, and define the relationship of the committee with stakeholders such as the national One Health Platform. MTaPS will also support the AMR-TTC to develop an operational plan, budget, and monitoring and evaluation plan for AMS in both the human and animal sectors.

Strengthening Governance for AMS

MTaPS will support the AMR-TTC to conduct a rapid assessment of the AMS environment in Burkina Faso for both the human and animal sectors. MTaPS will then support the AMR-TTC to use the results of this assessment to develop a national AMS plan for human and animal health. In collaboration with the FAO, MTaPS will support the AMR-TTC and Direction Générale des Services Vétérinaires to use information from the rapid assessment to develop operational guidelines on the use of antimicrobials in the animal sector. MTaPS will also collaborate with the World Health Organization and other partners to strengthen the expert group working on national standard treatment guidelines and revise the essential medicines list in the human sector.

Improving AMS Practices and Services

MTaPS will assist the AMR-TTC to develop a plan to establish and strengthen Drug and Therapeutics Committees (DTCs) in health facilities across Burkina Faso. In pursuit of this goal, MTaPS will support partners to develop tools to establish and build the capacity of DTCs in at least three facilities, including one national teaching hospital, one regional hospital, and one reference center. This work will entail a four-day joint induction workshop for selected staff from the facilities as well as two days of onsite technical assistance to create a pool of trained AMS champions in the country. Other technical support includes helping the AMR-TTC, the Ministry of Health, and other stakeholders to develop tools and systems to periodically monitor antimicrobial use in human and animal health facilities.  

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