MTaPS’ Support

The Government of Jordan works to continuously improve the quality of public health services and ensure their availability and accessibility. To support these efforts, USAID MTaPS focuses on working with the country to achieve stronger and more efficient medicines regulatory processes. MTaPS also provides support to fight the growing global public threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

MTaPS focuses on the following technical areas:

Strengthening infection prevention and control (IPC) capacity at the central and health facility levels

MTaPS provides technical assistance to the national IPC Technical Working Group and to select health facilities on priority IPC interventions. The program is supporting health facility infection control committees to apply continuous quality improvement approaches to attain strong and sustainable results. In addition, it is helping to build capacity to ensure that strong IPC units are established in health care facilities.

Strengthening capacity of the national multisectoral AMR steering committee

MTaPS is helping strengthen the capacity of the high-level steering committee and its technical committees to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) on AMR. The program offers technical assistance to review the status of NAP implementation, identify priority actions, and facilitate structural and financial sustainability through a costed work plan of the national steering committee.

Strengthening antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) policy and practice at the national and health facility levels

MTaPS’ support includes working with the national AMS committee to implement tailored AMS programs at select health facilities. The scope of this work includes conducting supervision at health facilities that are implementing AMS interventions, disseminating AMS-related guidelines, and establishing an online platform that enables health care workers to access national and international guidelines and clinical resources for implementing hospital AMS programs.


  • Zhgoul Anwar (Acting CPD)
  • Country Reports


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